Modern Quilt – Illuminated Squares

Illuminated Squares, 60"x60", 2016
Illuminated Squares, 60″x60″, 2016

I have been working on this colorful, Illuminated Squares quilt for the past year and it is finally done! I was trying out many different color and pattern options for the last border, the 6″ deep maroon/purple edge.  I wanted something that was dull compared to the main part of the quilt made the bright squares appear to come forward. The dark border recedes into the background and makes the quilt more 3 dimensional.

This quilt pattern provides for numerous color combinations by taking bright colors and dark colors, both with patterns, and combining them into a square.  Then, each 12″ square is cut off center vertically and horizontally.  The fun part is rearranging the cut sections to recreate squares with different colors.  I look forward to making more with varying colors. This is a lap size quilt, 60″ x 60″, $350.

Iluminated Squares, pieced backing, 60"x60", 2016

This is a double sided quilt with a colorful strip of bright squares down the back.

Illuminated Squares, close up
Illuminated Squares, close up

Check out the beautiful machine quilting by Cathy Franks.

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