About Me

Color! I love Color!  Color in the seasons in Indiana. Color in my vegetable and flower gardens. Color in the bright fall leaves. Color in my paintings and pottery, and now in my quilts!  Welcome to my original Quilt Creations!

Marie Harnish smiles and looks into the cameraI am over 50, happily married, and have 3 adult children. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana in a 1950’s ranch house with extensive edible landscaping in the flower and vegetable gardens on our half acre.  In addition to quilting, I donate my creative projects and time to several organizations, including Mennonite Women USA, First Mennonite Church,  neighborhood Crime Watch, and several other places as needed.


As my older children headed off to college, I suddenly had a greater amount of time to pursue significant endeavors I was interested in. While cleaning out my college kids closets so I could paint their rooms, I decided to try and make each of them a t-shirt quilt. I was hooked!

This coincided with my goal of learning to make quilts when I turned 50!  I took a series of classes called “Quilts Plus University” and learned the basics to the finishing touches of quilting. The classes and beautiful fabrics  are so inspiring!

As of now, I have made over 30  t-shirt quilts for friends, family, and others.  I also design traditional  quilts and was recently inspired by a workshop on modern quilt design.


I graduated from Goshen College in 1984 with a B.A. in Art Education, K-12, with an emphasis on hand thrown pottery.  I spent several years apprenticing with other potters, including Jane Graber Miniatures, Nashville, IN, and Larry Pejeau, Union, IN. In 1989, I moved to Indianapolis with my husband, Ned Geiser, for his job and my offer of a studio at AMACO, American Art Clay Company, in exchange for doing work for them.

In 1990, we bought a house with an addition that was a perfect clay studio.  Pregnant with twins, I set up my pottery studio at home while caring for 2 babies.  I spent 15 years as a professional potter and loved making pottery, mostly functional pieces. I sold my pottery on commission, in local galleries, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art gift shop and CCA Gallery, and at art shows, including Penrod and Broad Ripple.

Having a studio in my house made it easier to continue making pottery with 2 young children, but when the third child was born, coordinating extended time for making pottery became difficult. In the ensuing years, my creativity was channeled into nurturing and teaching my children and other children in art, reading, music, gardening, and cooking.  In addition, I spent many hours volunteering in local schools and various community organizations, including 15 years as a La Leche League leader, where I learned fundraising and leadership skills.

Two watercolor paintigs showing abstract spheres and cubes in bright colors.

Watercolor paintings by Marie Harnish, 1984.

Brightly colored ceramic casserole dish with lid.
Casserole dish made by Marie Harnish, 1990’s.

This teapot and cups were made a number of years ago, but I wanted to show how I worked to incorporate bright colors in my pottery as well. The handles are thrown on the wheel and the cylinder closed up to form a ring.

Hand thrown pottery by Marie Harnish, 1990’s.


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