How do I get a t-shirt quilt made?

  1. Collect t-shirts. You will need 30-40+ for a twin size 60” x 84”, the most common size for a graduation gift. Any size is available.
  1. Decide on theme. Do you want a collection of K-12 activities or only baseball? For high school graduation, some possible images are schools attended, city/state born in,  favorite local places to visit, restaurants, person’s interests in school, community, clubs,…A nice touch is to have the person’s name on one of the shirts.
  1. Send shirts. I wash all the shirts to make sure they do not bleed colors. After washing, I cut out the best size for the design with clear templates ranging in size from 4” x 4” to 16” x 16” or any size in between as long as it is divisible by 4”.
  1. Design quilt top. I design the shirt layout, sometimes focusing on a unique theme, i.e. a baseball diamond for baseball player, runner with stair steps, directional shirts facing the correct way, and color/style balance of shirts in quilt,…  I will send you photo updates with the design for final approval.  You can see the layout in progress here.
  1. Time to sew and quilt!  I sew the shirts together in the quilt top, sew a temporary border on, and meet you at the quilt fabric store to pick the 100% cotton backing (or have you help choose via phone).  I sew the backing together, cut batting, then take the top, batting and backing to the quilter.  The quilter needs up to 3 months lead time to do the quilting.
  1. After I pick up the quilt, I square up the edges and add the binding you chose.  Next, I make a pillowcase to store the quilt in with backing and binding fabric and add a signature with recipients name, date, my name and quilters name.  
  1. Delivery! Your unique, one of a kind quilt is ready!  

Why order a t-shirt quilt from Marie Harnish Quilt Creations?

My focus is making one-of-a-kind quilts that will be used and treasured for many years!  

My t-shirt quilt process is unique in that I like to work personally with each client in deciding what shirts to include, reviewing design, and choosing backing. Each quilt is unique to the person and fits a theme of some type – color, sports number, schooling,… One unique addition I make is a pillowcase personalized with the recipient’s name at no additional cost. This quilt will be one of a kind! 

If you would like references for other quilts I have made, Contact me here

How much does a t-shirt quilt cost?

I base my quilt prices on size. This includes cost of quilting, batting, backing and binding fabric, labor and miscellaneous items (thread, needles,…) needed to make the quilt. Any size is available and prices are adjusted accordingly.  Pillowcase is included. The most common size is a twin size, 60” x 84”, and cost is $500 plus tax. Deposit of 50% is sent with shirts. Cost of other sizes available upon request.

I’m ready to get started. How can I contact you?

Here is my contact information. Send me an email describing your ideas for your unique t-shirt quilt and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How do I take care of my T-shirt quilt?

The t-shirts, batting (middle layer), and backing fabric are 100% cotton, except for some sports shirts. The t-shirts and backing fabric have been pre-washed so they should not bleed. When not in use, quilts should be stored in your cloth pillow case rather than plastic. A lint brush is a quick way to remove all the dust, fuzz, hair,… that collect on the quilt.

T-shirts may get holes in them with use. If you start noticing holes in the quilt top, you need to stop their spread as soon as possible. To do this, apply a drop of Fray Check (clear fabric glue) on the hole.

Wash quilt in cold water with regular laundry soap. If possible, wash in a front loading washing machine. Dry in the dryer like you dry your clothes.


Quilts that are for sale have prices listed.  All quilts are made to order. Prices vary depending on size, type of fabric, style of quilting.  Contact me here for more information. 



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